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Can you feel your soul starving?

Can you feel your soul starving?

Biologically, the stomach and the brain (the hypothalamus) control the feeling of hunger. The stomach releases the hormone that makes you hungry (ghrelin), which travels through the bloodstream to the brain that “approves” of the hormone. And then you eat.

I don’t know what a soul is, and neither do I want to define it as the subconscious or a translucent white outline of the body. But the poets keep writing about it. Perhaps it’s their way of trying to give abstract concepts and emotions such as love, wanting, pain, etc an other-worldly form. I’m not sure. Perhaps it is desire created into a figure by the imagination. Urges and temptation to grow as a person. Maybe the soul is the brain. The brain creates an image of itself in a different form for the poets to write about. That’s quite ironic.

Starvation of the soul or brain would result in the restricted and stunted emotional and mental growth. A lack of nutritious food would result in the body's impoverished physical growth. The soul and the body are not so different after all.

So if the soul is the brain then what makes it grow? Does it depend on person to person? “Food for thought?” If brain stimulation and growth of the soul are the same, then most medical websites and journals state that for brain stimulation, one should solve puzzles, read, play an instrument, paint, learn a new skill, etc, etc. If I compress it into categories, it would be problem-solving, languages, reading, and arts (notice how consumption of knowledge and regurgitating it is not mentioned haha).

And what part of the body makes you feel like your soul is starving? Is it the legs? The restlessness inside, knowing you can be great, but restricted by your limited skills? Is the brain again? The feeling of staying stagnant, unchanging, stunted growth, the brain alerts the brain that its activity is low?

Is the soul a romanticized term for neuroscience?

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