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This feels like theft, 

Like every crime, being robbed has never felt fair,

To lose, at the ripe age of twenty-one,

Witnessing the end,

When your life has just begun. 

So which court do I go to, 

To file this case of theft?

Years of time that should have been spent, 

Who is the advocate of this death?

Stand up and show yourself, 

I’ll be the lawyer you’ll be fighting against.

But what good is the court of law,

If justice cannot prevail all?

The judge is Yama in disguise, 

And before I could even utter a word of opposition, 

He cast his verdict,

By banging his gavel once, twice.

I lost the case before I could even start,

So like every bitter soul,

I curse the people who sat in their cars, 

Who’ve taken so many lives, 

When the white vans with the red stripes yell and whine,

Yet, still don’t make it in time. 

I curse the door that didn’t break on the first try,

The minutes made of liquid gold, 

Slipping through the palms, 

Of the people we love the most.

Did they hang their heads in sorrow? 

Did they mean it? Or was it all just for show?

Rage-filled, but can you blame them?

Like a soldier in a bloodbath battlefield, 

Another name whispered on the phone,

Another body slowly turning into bone. 

Here comes the audience to witness, to spectate,

They come in from a craze,

To enter a paralysing daze, 

For at least those few days,

Take out time,

From their very busy day,

Shake their heads, and proceed to say,

“Too soon”

“Too sudden”

“Life is so fragile, how did it happen?”

Shed a few tears or a mournful gaze,

And go right back from whence they came,

A round of applause for such a thoughtful display. 

Next in line, step up and uphold, 

The traditions of old, no hesitation to be shown,

Set fire to her emerald and gold.


A part of me screams,

Let me take the lead!

Let me hold your hand!

Let me shoulder the boulders, 

Trying to crush you while you stand.

But all I can do is place myself as close as I can be, 

Treading lightly around the boundaries, 

Leaning forward ever so slightly, 

Ready to take flight, 

As soon as you see me, 

As soon as you need me.

I know not the secrets of the universe,

Or the metaphysics of the worlds, 

But there must be something out there, 

And, I know, neither beliefs nor words,

Can be used to subdue, 

But I hope it promises, 

A place for the unheard, unseen,

So, again, we shall meet.


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